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Williamhawk 13.10.2017 (edit )

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This is nothing like that. I was struggling to make an actual game with mechanics and write a story, so I opted to write a Choicescript game that was just a story. It was going to be an epic, sprawling 100000+ words. It would be a tale of personal growth, filled with social conflict! But, then I quickly realized I didn't have that in me either. And so I decided, "Screw it! I'll make a game where you try to hook up with monster girls. I'll throw some guys in too!" Ultimately, I just wanted to make something small, and hopefully, fun. This thing will definitely be under 100000 words. It might be under 50000. It'll probably come down to how many romance options get added over the course of development. 'll probably also give more customization to the character later. Right now you're just 'Alex', but I see a lot of people have a preference for customization of both gender and name, so I'll add that. The demo hasn't been edited too much. I think I at least managed to kill the bugs, and obvious typos myself. I figured I should finally put this thing out here for public viewing before I get too far into it. The earlier I get feedback, the better. I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: whiteboard animation
Rusty McSteele

Rusty McSteele 13.10.2017 (edit )

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Cool story, bruh.

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